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A 2-meter-high robot is helping drug addicts kick the habit at a drug rehabilitation center in Guangdong.

The robot, named Le Le, from Cencun compulsory drug rehabilitation center in Guangzhou"s Tianhe district can always attract many drug addicts when it is available in the center, a police officer from the center said.

Le Le can respond quickly to addicts" questions and provide accurate information and advice on getting off drugs.

"Le Le can also quickly recognize people via face recognition and human body induction," the police officer told local media.

Le Le can also report on a drug addict"s mental state, any issues of concern and mood swings, and can refer the addict to doctors and psychotherapists.

"Le Le is very good at chatting with the drug addicts in the center," the police officer said.

Le Le is the first robot that has been used to help addicts in the country, the officer added.

More than 2,000 addicts have visited the Cencun compulsory drug rehabilitation center. As well as Le Le, the center has taken the lead on using VR (virtue reality) technologies to help addicts get off drugs.

"Drug addicts will be able to reduce their dependence on drugs when they are in the virtue world through electronic games, cinemas and stories," the police officer said.